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British traces in the culture of the republic of Ghana

1. Map of Ghana

2. Introduction

3. Introduction to Ghanaian-British relations.

 3.1. The overview of British colonial expansion

 3.2. Institutions in a model colony

 3.3. Governor Guggisberg and his contribution to the development of the colony

4. Colonial legacy

 4.1. Arrival of formal education

 4.2. British influences on Christian practices of the population of the Gold Coast

 4.3. British impact on process of urbanization and transformation of rural areas of the colony

 4.4. Emergence of drama and popular theatre on the Gold Coast

 4.5. Introduction of media

 4.6. Birth of political ideologies on the Gold Coast

5. British cultural legacy in post-colonial Ghana

 5.1. System of formal education

 5.2. Place of the English language among spoken tongues

 5.3. Place of Christianity among the professed religions

 5.4. Urbanization

 5.5. Drama and popular theatre

 5.6. Media

 5.7. Political system

6. Conclusions

7. Summary in polish

8. Bibliography

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